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Below are some common FAQs about getting your book published. If you have any questions not listed here, contact me.

How long does it take to publish my book?

A lot faster than you may think. If your manuscript is polished and ready to go, often it will take less than 3 months to have it in hand. The faster you provide Big Moose Publishing with information it requires to format your book, the faster things happen. It really depends on how quickly you complete the required steps in your publishing journey. Usually it goes quite quickly.

I’ve written my book. What else do I need to do?

There are a lot of little steps you might not realize that need completing. Have you written your dedication page, acknowledgments page, and an about the author page? Do you have a print ready author photo in 300 (or higher) dpi? Do you have your short author biography ready for the back cover? Have you written your book description for the back cover? Do you have any ideas what you would like your book cover to look like? What do you wish the interior of your book to look like? All of these things need to be need to be addressed. Do not get overwhelmed. Most of it happens quickly and seamlessly. These are just things for you to think about and can affect the timeline of your book coming out if not completed in a timely manner.

Do I still have ownership of my book if I sign with Big Moose Publishing?

Yes. You maintain 100% of the property rights.

How do I get paid royalties?

Royalties will come to you paid by KDP Amazon. Big Moose Publishing will not take any cut of your royalties. We are in the business of getting your book out there, and that’s all. We want your voice to be heard. We want for you to reap the rewards of each sale of your book.

Royalties are a calculation of the cost of producing and delivering the book, minus the sale.  As a rule of thumb, an average paperback black and white interior book of 230 pages priced at $18 USD will earn you a royalty of approximately $7 USD. Big Moose Publishing does not set these prices. These prices are determined by the sales channel (such as amazon). Again this is an example and Big Moose Publishing in no way determines or promises the amount of your royalties.

Royalties are paid once a quarter. All royalties are handled from your publishing account and not with Big Moose Publishing.

Can I order books at cost?

Yes!  A great way to make a higher profit on your books is to sell them yourself. For example, the editor ordered 25 copies of a 247 page paperback and with shipping it totalled, $203.00 in CAD. That’s only $8.12 CAD. A book with less pages costs less and a book with more pages costs more.

Do I have to order a minimum amount of books?

No. You can order them one a time if you wish. They are the same price either way.

Why publish?

You have a voice and a story that makes a difference in the world. Your book is a tool to grow your business. Being an author gives you credibility and a unique way to let people know about you and what you do. There is something very satisfying about being a published author – as it should be. You dared to write down your story and share it with the world. That is an amazing gift.

If you are ready to start publishing your book or if you have any questions at all, contact me:

Fay Thompson, Editor
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I would love to put your publishing dreams into motion and make them a blessed reality!