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Creation With Consciousness: Awakening to the Power of You

Prerequisite: Advanced Spiritual Techniques

Building on the skill set and transformation taken in Advanced Spiritual Techniques, we move more in-depth to looking at the life you are creating, the energy that is creating it, and moving out of judgment and into pure consciousness.

Some of the topics/skills covered will be:

  • Your Story, How it’s Written, and How to Change It
  • Unmasking the Faces of Judgment
  • Working from a View Point that there are No Issues and No Problems
  • Releasing Reaction and going into Pro-action
  • The Power of Laughter and Gratitude
  • Paradigm Busting
  • Working with Christed Consciousness
  • Asking With Energy/Learning the Language of Creation
  • and more!

Fay Thompson is most known for advanced spiritual techniques and energy mastery. In this class, we take an in-depth, no holds barred look at the energy you are creating your life with and what it takes to create real change.

Next Offering: Mar 20-21, 2017
Whole Life Wellness Centre
Meadow Lake, SK
Tuition: $425+GST

NOTE: Advanced Spiritual Techniques precedes  this one (Mar 18-19) and is a Prerequisite. Take both classes for $750 + GST (a $50 savings).

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