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30 Days of Curiosity and Wonder instead of Killing Creation with Conclusions

Questions create. Conclusions kill creation.

I wonder what might happen if we changed our conclusions into questions for 15 minutes a day for 30 days?

Starting May 1st, let’s ask what we have never asked before.

Join me, Fay Thompson, for 30 days of being the energy of a question, being curious, and being in wonder instead of a state of rightness or conclusion which instantly stops all creation.

I wonder how many conclusions we might give up and start the wheels of creation churning in our lives?

I wonder how this may go and what miracles might appear?

Wanna know more about this? Listen to this soundcloud clip from Gary Douglas about killing our creations with conclusions.

NOTE: This is a 30-day event on zoom.  You will have opportunity to contribute and ask questions. You can tune in live or listen later. Each day we will bring up our conclusions and then turn ourselves into curious questioners!

There is also a dedicated private facebook page where you can post questions and insights and be part of the group. And I will address your questions through comments and the daily zoom videos.

Can’t attend live? No worries. You will be sent the replays!

May 1-30 Live on Zoom  12:00pm-12:15pm CST (Saskatchewan time) Note that somedays may be rescheduled if necessary.