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Delve into the Power of Being Unapologetically You

A 3 month (13 week) study of the principles discussed in the book SO HELP ME GOD. This is more than a book study. It’s a mastermind group for individuals wishing for something great and demanding that LIFE be as they choose.

You CAN put the 4 Truths of Creation into action and

In the book SO HELP ME GOD – The Whole Crazy Truth About Life, Creation, and Being Unapologetically You, author Fay Thompson explains in detail the 4 Truths of Creation that lead you to creating a LIFE worth LIVING!

The 4 Truths are explained with the acronym LIFE:

L stands for the Language of Creation which you can become fluent in. Imagine knowing how to ask to actually receive!
I stands for Infinite. You are an infinite being working with an infinite SOURCE. There is no lack.
F stands for Faith. When you have faith in yourself, you have faith in God and the Universe. When you have faith in God and the Universe, you will have faith in yourself. The two of you are never separate.
E stands for Easy. Creation is easy if you let it be. Bring more ease into your life knowing this truth.
Over 3 months, you will go through each Truth in-depth following the chapters in the book, So Help Me God.
You will be asked to delve deep within and recognize who you are.
You will find the magic that resides within you.
You will put energy and practice into being who you truly are!
You will come out of judgment of you and recognize there is nothing more valuable than you on this planet right now. 
So if you’re struggling with self-worth, confidence, or just life in general, know that it can change with a change of your energy. If you are willing to be brave enough to venture into being something new, there is no telling what the world has in store for you. Hint: It’s all grand.
We will meet weekly Wednesday evenings on zoom so that you can participate in discussion and ask questions. You also will be given access to a community Facebook page where you can continue to interact with the other participants, ask questions, and leave comments and insights.
Are you ready to gift yourself the gift of you?
If so, join us. If not, would this class get you there?
Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm beginning May 8 – August 1

One payment of $800 + GST

Or 3 payments of $275 + GST over 3 months

Installment Plan with GST added
Number of payments 3
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Due* Amount
At checkout $288.75 CAD
Every 1 month (x 2) $288.75 CAD
Total $866.25 CAD
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