False Gods Process


Creator of the False Gods Process,  Fay Thompson

Recently, I created a new process to obliterate anything that controls you, that you are slave to, that accuses you, condemns you, or judges you. It also works on obliterating all energies where you are the controller, slave-master, accuser, condemner, or judge.

I have had wild success with process in very short time, and I call it the False Gods Process. The idea behind it is that anything we give power to other than consciousness or the true definition of God, is a false god. By saying something has power over us, then we bow to it in a sort of  unwitting worship. We believe that if we can appease, please, or get it right according to this false authority, that we won’t be punished and perhaps be rewarded. These false gods then leave us walking on eggshells and in constant desperation to get something right. Anytime you are feeling threatened or afraid, you are dealing with a false god.

False gods can be anything or anyone. They can be people such as a parent, child, or guru. They can be objects such as money, food, personal possessions, or buildings. They can even be ideologies such as your religion, spirituality, or any type of mentality such as cult mentality or poverty consciousness, etc.

The process gets you to acknowledge the false gods you have created, then brings you back into the Truth of the one True God, or Universe, or Consciousness, or Infinite Source, or whatever it is you call it. True God or Consciousness will never accuse you, threaten you, judge you, or condemn you. When you put your faith back into the Truth, you become free, empowered, and infinite in your creative capacity.

This process combines Fay’s own intuitive guidance, energy from Source, and the Access Consciousness Clearing Method to brilliantly release you from the doubts, fears, and false gods holding you captive and puts you back in direct connection to your own true God-source from which all miracles happen.

You will be amazed at how quickly your life transforms.

In less than 30 minutes, an electric charge that was so heavy from a ‘lost friendship’ dissolved like magic.  Fay has a way of getting to the truth of our emotions and in this particular process (done through FaceTime) she was able to release the ‘false god’ I was making so vital in my relationship.  It’s hard to explain what even took place.  What I can tell you was what happened a short time after.

It’s been over 20 years since I have written music.  After my session with Fay, I sat at my piano and wrote my feelings down and in a mere 15 minutes a song came out. WHAT!!??!!  Not only was I able to released a friendship that I so strongly wanted to be, but space was opened for my creative juices to flow. I am in awe of the simplicity!  Much gratitude to you Fay! – C. M. – Massage Therapist

“The False Gods Process is hands down, one of the most dynamic sessions I have ever experienced. The more I listen to the recording (of our session), the more things are shifting! And with so much ease! Thank you Fay!” – A.S. – Yoga Instructor

How do I receive the False Gods Process?

Appointments may done via recorded tele-call, Skype, or in-person. I’m just a phone call or email away from scheduling your Miracle Appointment! Why a Miracle Appointment? Because when you put your faith back in the True God, or Consciousness, miracles happen!


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Fay Thompson



False Gods Process Session Rates

These sessions can be done in person, via recorded tele-call, or via Skype.

15 minute Laser Session: $75 + GST
30 minute Full Session: $140 + GST

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