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Ready to release the debilitating need for perfectionism…insanity…and all those places you are reactive instead of creative?

I invite you to ask yourself:
What might this process do for you and your body? What do you know?

What is a body process?

An Access Consciousness Body Process is a hands-on method that uses different hand placements on various positions on the body while asking specific energies to run at each spot. These processes facilitate the body back into its original functions, which assist with the repairing and longevity of the body. The energies are the natural energies that bodies are and have access to from everywhere in the universe.

What’s Included:
1. You will receive the magic of this body process from another participant and you will learn it by gifting it to a participant.
2. You will have the opportunity to be facilitated on any issue or question you ask during class hours.
3. You will be a practitioner of this process upon completion meaning you can do this process on others for recreation or as part of your business offerings.
4. Fun and laughter in a relaxed setting.

Thursday, June 14,

Tower Hill Acreage, Saskatoon, SK

$75 + GSTĀ 

send e-transfer of $78.75 to faythompson@gmail.com

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Fay Thompson


Thank you for sharing the magic!