One-on-One Intuitive Coaching

Fay Thompson Spritual Life Coach and Access Bars Facilitator

Are you ready to shake things up and create some magic?

  • Are you tired of trying to do the right thing and always feeling you’re getting it wrong?
  • Are you afraid to DREAM BIG because you don’t think the life you’d love to live is possible?
  • Do you feel stuck, unclear, and unsure of what to do and how to do it?
  • Are you afraid that you’re not good or worthy enough to live the life you want?

Let’s delve into the solutions you are seeking. Whether your issue is related to relationship, emotions, business, family, guilt, shame, or deservingness, I offer a variety solutions to empower you into mastering the art of transforming your life from the inside out.

Intuitive Coaching means looking at the energy creating the life and story you are living. Change the story and you change your life. Are you ready to change? I can help you. You also have a team of divine consciousness at your back wishing have it easier and a more joyful outcome. Is it time to let them in and start working with the magic around you and is you?

Let’s create the joy that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning and go live life!

Fay Thompson


Intuitive Coaching

Note: These sessions can be done in person, on phone, or via Skype.

1 one-hour session: $220 + GST

Package of 5 one-hour sessions: $900 + GST

Package 10 one-hour sessions: $1600 + GST

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