My Unofficial Story


I grew up in a large family on a farm. My parents were hard-working, practical, good folk who struggled for every dime and stretched every dollar to the max to feed and clothe us all. Financially, we were dirt poor, but rich in spirit.

Even as I grew up and was constantly told there wasn’t enough money to do the things I wanted to do or have the things I longed to have, I had a knowing inside of me that somehow there were other possibilities available for me and my life. I set out to prove that I was not going to live as hard a life as my parents and their parents had.  No matter how unrealistic it seemed, I couldn’t deny my dreams of traveling the world and living large.

I realized that whenever I clung to an idea with unwavering tenacity, that the idea came to fruition. I had decided I wasn’t going to have a hard life, that I wasn’t going to be poor, and that I would have adventure and unique experiences in my life. All of that has come true. I feel so blessed to have been given a glimpse of the magic we hold to create our own lives. This, more than anything else, has fueled my life’s work. It is what made me want to become a Life Coach.

Now, I have a thriving business, a loving husband, happy children, and I live an adventurous life through travel. There were times when I thought all of this was pie in the sky dreams, and now it’s reality. And I look forward to seeing my other pie in the sky dreams come into reality while spreading a message to anyone who is willing to listen, that you can have a life that you love. You can have the seemingly impossible. You can create magic beyond your wildest dreams. And it is my great hope and wish that you do.

My Official Biography

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, Fay Thompson comes from a strong upbringing of keeping it real and telling it like it is. That, coupled with Fay’s pure belief in the magic of our own being, has led  her on an adventurous life that seems to go beyond the impossible.

From breaking barriers by being one of the first women to sail as crew onboard a Canadian Naval Warship, to circumnavigating the globe on a barquentine tall ship, to taking a pilgrimage to the monasteries of Tibet, to apprenticing with a shaman of the Cherokee tradition, Fay is constantly choosing to live outside the box, go beyond the limits this reality has set, and marvelling at the magical world of wonder we live in.

In 2006, Fay embarked on a spiritual journey and eventually started her own Spiritual Health Coach practice by taking a leap of faith to leave her comfy corporate job and do what she truly loves. In 2012, Fay published her best-selling book Azez Medicine: Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit with The Help of the Beings of the Light in which she tells the story of her journey and how she followed her own divine guidance to heal emotional hurts and traumas of the past and empowers readers to do the same for themselves. In 2014, Fay took her first Access Consciousness® class (Access Bars) and not long thereafter became an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator. She has since been a contributing author to two other best-selling self-help books entitled Rapid Change: For Busy Heart-Centered Women Who Want to Be the Best Version of Themselves and Possibilities in Parenting. 

Fay’s coaching and healing practice takes her around the globe where she has clients in Australia, UK, India, and the USA. She also travels teaching and facilitating various workshops. Her love is seeing people come into their own power and take charge of creating their own lives.

Fay’s work has been featured on CBC radio and TV, Global TV, and in various journals and magazines including Pure Magazine, Wholife Journal, and Saskatoon Well Being Magazine.

Fay’s mission is for every person to realize the immense creative power they have to create a life of joy and ease, and to break down the false notions that work has to be hard and that we need to struggle in order to succeed. Success is empty unless a feeling of joy accompanies the journey toward it.

Fay resides on an acreage just outside of  Saskatoon, SK with her wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters who keep her inspired, laughing, and well-grounded. She owns a cat, Pluto, who is her life long furry friend and a lovable dog, Elsa who never ceases to remind her that there is always time for play.

“One of the greatest lessons I have learned is that you can lead a joyful, prosperous life without compromising or sacrificing who you are or what you want. There is no price to pay for happiness except gratitude.”

– Fay Thompson