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Ever feel like you can’t get past a rule, a law, or a societal convention? AND

Have you ever noticed that some rules don’t ever affect you?

What if the rules are merely points of view that you can create beyond when you allow yourself to be you and simply ask for what you desire?


Here’s the thing:

You are the creator of your life. You are the creator of your rules and what you are willing and not willing to tolerate. No matter how fixed they seem to be, you can bypass them with your choice and with your being.

When we can acknowledge that we can do and be things that others can’t or won’t, we begin to recognize our gift to the world. It is time to recognize you have an advantage called “being you” (and it is never against the law to be you).

What you can be and create that you never dared (or only dared once, were judged, and stopped) because you didn’t fit into “the way it is”? Are you ready to break free and be you?


Join me, Fay Thompson, for 5 days of exploring how the rules apply (and don’t apply) to you.  Starting Monday, August 16th, we will explore what all aspects of going beyond the rules of this reality and opening to the possibilities of the Universe where there are no rules and anything goes – the space and place where miracles happen!

NOTE: This is a 5-day event on zoom.  You will have opportunity to contribute and ask questions. You can tune in live or listen later. Each day we will discuss a topic regarding going beyond the rules and looking at what rules you seem ruled by.

There is also a dedicated private facebook page where you can post questions and insights and be part of the group. And I will address your questions through comments and the daily zoom videos.

I wonder what might happen when we simply stop fighting rules, abiding by the limitations given to us, and simply create beyond?

August 16-20  Live on Zoom  12:00pm-12:30pm CST (Saskatchewan time)


Thank you for sharing the magic!