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What would 21 days of focusing on
create for you?

Are you looking for answers and not getting any clear direction?
Are you focused on doing what you’re supposed to and not what you desire?
Do you find that you don’t get the results you would like?
Do you judge yourself the whole time thinking you are getting it wrong while desperately trying to get it right?


What if you could actually jump out of bed every morning full of life ready to take on the world?


Clarity comes from going within and being honest with yourself. In today’s world where everyone is telling you what to do, what not to do, and how to do it, it can be challenging to know what’s really best for you.

Sometimes clarity is confusing, because when our unique guidance is nudging us we don’t believe it – because it is unique! No one else is doing what we are doing! We think in order for our choices to be valuable they have to be what others are choosing.

Your difference is what makes a difference. 

If you have been desiring something different – something that will actually create change, clarity, and joy instead of constant and endless judgment and fixing of you as your life, then join me, Fay Thompson, for 21 days of Clarity!

Starting Tuesday, November 27th, we will explore what it means to be clear, let go of the beliefs that keep us confused, and open to creating more!

NOTE: This is a 21-day event with daily Facebook Live Videos and downloadable audios sent to you to listen to again and again.  You can tune in live or listen later.

Each day we will discuss a topic regarding having clarity, do clearings that will get you out of limiting thoughts, beliefs, and conclusions, and, of course, ask questions that will open you to new possibilities and creation.

This all happens on a dedicated private facebook page where you can post questions and insights, watch daily videos, and be part of the Clarity group. And I will address your questions through comments and the daily videos.

What possibilities might be created for you through sustained attention to being clear and present? I wonder?


Nov 27 – Dec 17
FB live videos at  12 pm MST Daylight Savings (Saskatchewan time) Note: There may be the odd day where this time changes.

$137 taxes in

Once you pay for the event, you will be directed to the Facebook Private Page. Ask to be added as a member.


What possibilities might we create?