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Do you feel as though you aren’t recognized, acknowledged, and that you don’t matter?

  • Do you sometimes feel as though you are a mistake, wrong, or just not right?
  • Do you feel that you don’t belong? Don’t matter? Don’t deserve?
  • Have you ever felt that the world would be better off without you?

Erasure of Fat Cells Dedicated to Lock in Feelings as the Source of Invalidation is a body process – a process of running energy on the body to erase the traumatic feelings holding you captive to limitation, self-degradation, and invalidation of you as a being. When we run this energy on the cells of the body, we are instructing the cells to release the trauma, beliefs, and/or imprints keeping the feelings that haunt you stuck and in play. These feelings are often trapped in fat cells. By asking the body to release these cells, the healing occurs.

Imagine if you no longer felt that you were invalid, irrelevant, or that you didn’t matter?

If you are wondering if this is for you, ask if this body process would be a contribution to you and your body. You will know.

What’s Included:
1. You will receive the magic of this body process from another participant and you will learn it by gifting it to a participant.
2. You will have the opportunity to be facilitated on any issue or question you ask during class hours.
3. You will be a practitioner of this process upon completion meaning you can do this process on others for recreation or as part of your business offerings.
4. Fun and laughter in a relaxed setting.

Thursday, Dec 13, 2018
6:00pm – 8:30pm
Tower Hill Acreage, Saskatoon, SK

$75 + GST 

Contact Me To Register:

Fay Thompson