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What would 21 days of focusing on YOU AS THE SOURCE create for you?

Are you stuck in lack mentality?
Do you believe there is not enough to go around? 
Do you feel powerless to change your situation?

Then, it is time for you to recognize

YOU are the creator of your life. YOUR choices create your reality.
The INFINITE Universe or GOD-force works within you as you. 

It is time to utilize your INFINITE capacities and let go of all the notions and lies that there is lack in this world!

God works within you, as you. When you operate from an infinite capacity, miracles happen. You create all the lovely things you could ever imagine. BUT, you must change your mindset. You must no longer buy into the lies of lack.

You are the SOURCE.

Join me, Fay Thompson, for 21 days of YOU AS THE SOURCE! Starting Monday, April 22nd, we will explore what it means to be the Source, be out of lack, and tapped fully into possibility!

NOTE: This is a 21-day event with daily Facebook Live Videos and downloadable audios sent to you to listen to again and again.  You can tune in live or listen later. Each day we will discuss a topic regarding you being the Source, do clearings that will get you out of limiting thoughts, beliefs, and conclusions, and, of course, ask questions that will open you to new possibilities and creation.

This all happens on a dedicated private facebook page where you can post questions and insights, watch daily videos, and be part of the group. And I will address your questions through comments and the daily videos.

What possibilities might be created for you through sustained attention to you being the Source of all Creation? I wonder?  

April 22 – May 12 FB live videos at  12 pm CST (Saskatchewan time) Note: There may be the odd day where this time changes.

TUITION: $175 taxes in

Once you pay for the event, you will be directed to the Facebook Private Page. Ask to be added as a member.   What possibilities might we create?