Breaking Barriers

As many of you know, I spent 17 days in Israel and Jordan in May. This trip allowed me to take time to contemplate and evaluate many things in my life and about life in general. What became apparent to me were the walls and restrictions we put up to our own behavior based on others expectations. It became clear to me how much we tend to conform to social norms, rules, and regulations, without even questioning whether they are necessary or will make you happier. Let me give you an example:

In a place called Timna Valley National Park, also known as King Solomon’s mines, my travel partner and I came across an ancient temple ruin dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess Hathor. I had said I would do ceremonies during this trip in specific sites for specific things. I had decided that at King Solomon’s mines, I would do a ceremony for opening to greater prosperity. When I came across the temple to Hathor, I knew this was the spot for my ceremony. There was only one problem. The temple was completed encased by a 4.5 foot metal fence with no gate.

Many people would have decided it was not possible to do a ceremony in the temple because of this one minor detail. In fact, I almost decided it was not possible. But Spirit had other plans. It was like I was arguing with my guidance.

“This is the site for the ceremony.”

“I can’t do it here. There’s a fence.”

“You can jump it.”

“I’m not supposed to be in there.”

“Says who?”

“The people who put up the fence.”

“They’re not here. No one will see you. This is the place for the ceremony.”

My inner knowing knew it was true. This was the place for the ceremony and I was completely safe in going forward without any interference. So I jumped the fence. As I entered the temple area and made my way all the way into the great altar, I received a message from the Hathors.

“We are glad you have broken the barrier. You have chosen to receive. Let this be a metaphor for your life. Never allow anyone to put a barrier between you and your heart’s desires. If they do, know that it is easily broken with a choice – a decision. The Kingdom of Heaven is available to everyone. They just don’t believe they can reach it while living on Earth. They have believed in false barriers to their bliss and ecstasy, by making it wrong or immoral or impossible to receive. We give you the key to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, because you chose to break through the barrier.”

I was very moved by this ceremony. There were a list of people’s names I had brought with me and included in my ceremonies. I asked that each of those people receive the key and the same blessing I was receiving. The response was:

“We will work with each individual on your list for a fortnight. It is their choice whether they accept the key and break the barriers holding them back. This is not for you to do. Each person must receive Heaven from within, for that’s where it is found.”

Whether you were part of my ceremony or not, please feel free to ask for the key to your Heaven on Earth and choose to break through the false barriers holding you from this divine gift.

King Solomon is an ascended master who is best known for having mastered prosperity. Hathor is a goddess that is the personification of the Milky Way. She has an infinite flow of milk or prosperity. How beautiful that it was these two energies that blessed me at King Solomon’s Mines while doing a ceremony for prosperity.

Ironically, once I finished my ceremony and jumped the fence once again to exit the temple, a bus load of tourists arrived and were coming my way. Spirit was correct. No one saw me and I was completely safe in opening that portal and doing that ceremony.

I hope you see the valuable lesson to be gained from this experience. I’m not saying that you should break all the laws and go shoot people, loot, and engage in illegal behavior. But I am saying break any rule that is hurting your Spirit or making you feel trapped or caged. Break any barrier or rule that your inner knowing is urging you to break. Have you ever jaywalked or driven faster than the speed limit? Or perhaps you have gone to the bathroom marked for the opposite gender because it was free and you really had to go? Or maybe you skipped class in high school or university? Perhaps you went straight to the front of a long line of people at an airport because your flight was about to leave? Why did you break those rules or social norms? Because you needed to in order to honor yourself, to free yourself from the confines of society, and to get what you need! By the way, if you haven’t broken any rules, then maybe it’s time to start. Just be sure to follow your heart.

Also know that when you do decide to break through a barrier, others will notice and have their opinions about it. Remind yourself, that it is none of their business what choices you make for you and it is none of your business what they think of your choices. If I have to go to the bathroom badly and don’t want to wait in a long line up that may possibly cause me to pee my pants, I will go into a man’s bathroom. I have done it before and I will do it again. Just as before, some will look at me and think, if she’s going to use the men’s room, I will too. And, some will be angry that I used the men’s room, broke the rules, and got to pee before them. Not my issue. Just like if there were other people watching me jump the fence into Hathor’s temple, some would have followed and some would have judged me with disdain. Again, not my issue. My issue was about doing a ceremony and following my heart. In the case of the bathroom, my issue is about having to go and finding the easiest possible way to make that happen. Please know your issue is not about appeasing other people’s judgments or expectations. Your issue is always about getting your needs met and how to make that happen in the easiest possible way.

Where are you holding yourself back because you think it’s not possible, appropriate, or correct to move yourself forward? Take a risk. Break a barrier. Chaos will not ensue. You may just find that everything is just fine. You may just find you set yourself free and receive a miracle in return!

The fine print: Fay Thompson will not and cannot be held responsible for any consequence of your breaking barriers or rules as a result of reading this article. Your choices are your own as are the consequences of your choices your own. But here’s the thing: They always were.

Fay Thompson