What’s Your Safety Net?

A while ago I was driving to a neighbouring city a little over 2 hours away. I was only staying the day and planning to return late that evening. I got there without a hitch, happy as a clam, until I went to phone my husband to tell him I’d arrive safely and just to chat.

This was the moment when I realize I had left my phone charging on the kitchen counter. Aaaah! My response to this was I actually became a little scared to be without my phone. I was worried about what I would do if something happened to me on the drive home. I felt angst about not knowing if an “important” text might arrive – then I gave me a reality check.

I have traveled the world and been in some sketchy areas without a phone (or even the Internet) and managed just fine. When I was 19, I went in the ditch due to black ice, and didn’t have a phone and managed just fine. If an important text came in, it would still be important tomorrow when I get to it. I would manage the situation just fine.

I realized I, like many others, had unwittingly made my phone a safety net. I had told myself I would be safe on the highway as long as I had a phone to call for help. That, in turn, tells our mind that without a phone I am unsafe, vulnerable, and at risk. That, my friends, is a lie we tell ourselves.

My phone is not my safety net. I am. The Universe is. It is time to put the power back where it belongs. I am resourceful. I am connected to an infinite Source that is ever present and working for me. Anything else is a lie. Anything else is not my power and while all the “else” is useful and convenient and I am grateful to have it, let us never forget it is not our safety….because a phone can break down; it can run out of battery power; it can be forgotten on a kitchen counter. That is not your ultimate power; that is not having your back.

You have everything you need inside of you. The Universe knew I was forgetting and found a way to remind me. After I got over the initial shock of not having a phone, I realized I felt quite free. I felt the power of me again.

So, what is your safety net? Is it your job? Your relationship? Your savings? Is that true? If you lost them, which is a possibility, what would you have? You’d have you, and you’d have the Universe with you every step of the way. That’s your true safety net.

Remember who you are folks! You are so much greater than a phone.


Fay Thompson