The Power of Your Ask

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a store picking up a few things when someone came in and said, “Does anyone own the Mercedes in the parking lot?”

“I do.” I replied.

“Someone just hit it. Not sure if they are driving away or just ┬áturning around, but thought you should know.”

I hurried outside to assess the damage. As I approached my car, an anxious woman approached me and told me she bumped into my car, couldn’t see any damage, but wanted me to see for myself.

She was correct. There was no damage to my car…or hers. What happened next revealed to me the real reason she bumped into me.

She began apologizing profusely then started saying how she was upset because she was worried about her daughter who was having surgery that day. She then told me she had lost 17 people close to her in the last 4 years. She just dumped all her worry, anxiety, and upset right there in the parking lot. I just held space for her to get it off her chest and kept repeating, “It’s ok. You’re ok.”

When we finally parted ways, and I was driving away, I began to feel all the sadness and worry she was carrying. I immediately recognized that emotion was hers and not mine, and affirmed that I was not going to take it on. Then, I had a thought…a crazy, wonderful thought.

What if something could be created that has not existed before, that could eat away that sadness and emotion that would be a contribution to the thing consuming the emotion, a contribution to the emotion, and a contribution to the person experiencing the emotion? And, what if, once the consumption was complete, that thing could transmute back into consciousness (pure energy), so that it wouldn’t keep attracting sadness or emotion to the person so that it could continue eating? I was asking if it was possible for a temporary, emotion eating thing to be created that would self-combust into conscious energy once it was done. Was that possible?

Anything is possible in an infinite Universe. I soon felt all the sadness and upset leave. I checked into the woman’s energy and felt a lightness and a relief that wasn’t there before.

I wonder what we are not asking for because it doesn’t yet exist? I wonder what we could ask for that would exist just because we’ve asked? How much creative power and capacity are we not utilizing just because we aren’t aware it is available to us?

Ask and ye shall receive.

So, I am asking that we all ask for things that will be a contribution to all involved – including the thing we are creating and all that it affects (including ourselves). And, I am asking that we all recognize our ability to create that easily and efficiently.

And, I am asking for all those who take on other’s emotions to steal my idea and use the “the thing Fay created that eats emotions then transmutes into consciousness. That, or something better.” Let’s stop taking other people’s stuff on.

It’s 2019. What can you ask for that you have never thought to ask for because you knew it didn’t exist? What if you asked for it to exist and be a contribution to all involved, including a contribution to yourself and it?

We may just actually change the world…for real.


Fay Thompson