Have Your Ice cream and Eat it Too!

There I was, walking through the freezer section of Costco when all of a sudden I spotted a box of 12 haagen daaz ice cream bars. Everything in my being and body went, “OOOOooooh!” with excitement. I opened the freezer door, grabbed the box, and proceeded to read the nutritonal information.Twelve grams of sugars per bar. My mind kicked in. “You don’t need this.” followed by “This isn’t good for you.” followed by “You’ll only eat them.” (Duh) and a whole lot more negative thoughts following those.

I felt disappointed but responsible, as I put the box back justifying why I couldn’t and shouldn’t have them. As I walked away, I incorporated an Access Consciousness tool I have learned through my training. The tool is to realize you are an infinite being and to ask questions from the perspective of an infinite being. I asked, “Would an infinite being gain weight by eating ice cream?” NO came the answer.

I realized that an infinite being would not only not gain weight by eating ice cream, but an infinite being would also not fear ice cream, judge themselves for liking and wanting ice cream, and deny themselves because someone somewhere convinced a lot of people that ice cream was bad for you. NO, an infinite being would allow joy and pleasure without guilt, judgment, or worry. An infinite being, in fact, would have NO point of view about ice cream whatsoever. And when you have no point of view, you have no judgment.

BIG LIGHT GOES ON FOR FAY. If you can’t guess, I stopped judging my desire for the ice cream, stopped worrying about how it might make my body heavy and hideous, stopped validating the point of view that ice cream is bad for me (even though my whole body was so happy to find it), and pushed myself and my cart back to the freezer and bought myself a box. I came home and ate two of the twelve bars in total bliss and happiness! I had no remorse for eating them. I took on no guilt for having them. And I felt no ill side effects from consuming them. In fact, I felt really great all day long. And I didn’t pay for it later either. I weighed the same the next morning as I did the morning before.

How many points of view have we bought into as if they are real to deny ourselves pleasure? How many points of view have we picked up as truths to make ourselves – the infinite, powerful, magical beings we are – vulnerable to something as innocuous as an ice cream bar? How many points of view do we have that make us believe we are not infinite beings, but victims to a harsh world that gives us delicious choice only to make them bad for us? All that is, will you uncreate and destroy them all please? I know I am.

Whenever you find yourself denying yourself or judging yourself, ask, “Would an infinite being deny itself pleasure?” and “Would an infinite being feel guilty for engaging in pleasure and enjoyment?” Nope.

So why are you?

Fay Thompson