Is it Time for Change?

Do any of you remember the Seinfeld episode where George decides to do the exact opposite of what he normally does and his life does a complete 180 for the better? Perhaps it is time for us as society to stop repeating history by choosing something so radically different so that we can create a complete 180 for the better.

Yes, I am going to address my thoughts on the events that took place in Paris as well as the lesser publicized terrorist attacks that took place in Lebanon and Kenya right around the same time.

We are no stranger to such events on planet Earth. They happen and our standard reaction is the same. Anger and fear. Hate and righteousness. Sadness and caring. Anger that people would do something so horrible. Fear that it might happen again and this time to us. Hate for those who could do such unspeakable things. Righteousness by defending that we are sane and the terrorists are insane. Sadness that fellow citizens are suffering. Caring by stopping our joy to show our respect to those who were most affected.

Has any of our reactions created a different reality? While well-intentioned, the answer is no. We still have terrorism.

What if we did something different? What if we took a complete 180 about how we approach this? What if we act instead of react? What if we deliberately choose the world we wish to create instead of trying to save the world we have created?

The Law of Attraction tells us that the energy we put out in the world is matched and given back to us. What if our anger over these events is creating more anger in the world? What if our fear of it happening again puts so much focus on it happening again, the Universe must respond by ensuring it happens again?

What if our hate of terrorists is equal to their hate of us? If we continue to hate them for their actions, then the Universe can only respond by ensuring they give more actions that we can hate.

And everywhere we believe with such intense and strong conviction that we are right and they are wrong, and set out to prove it, the Universe must then respond with proof that we are indeed right and they are indeed wrong, which means more terrorism is created to prove ourselves, once again, right. Wouldn’t you like to be proven wrong?

I am not saying let’s condone terrorism or the acts of terrorists, nor am I saying let’s pretend it isn’t out there. What I am saying is that our predictable and go-to responses of hate and righteousness are not solutions. In fact, by going into hate and proving our righteousness at any cost, do we not become the very definition of what a terrorist is? Isn’t a terrorist someone who is filled with hate and wants to prove their point of view at any cost?

Instead, could we go into question and ask “What would it take to change this? If this is not how I wish my world to look, then how would I like it to look?” What if we began being the energy of a world we would like to create and in so doing, create it?If we truly wish for a world where we are not afraid, then we can not make decisions based on our fears and reject thousands of people wishing for peace, because we are afraid one may be a terrorist. When we put our focus on helping and kindness, the only response the Universe can provide us with is help and kindness.

Oneness includes everything and rejects nothing. We are all in this together. We can not eliminate the terrorists out of our existence, but we can out-create them by not allowing them any power over the world we are choosing to create. In order to create the world as kind, safe, and free, then we must continue to focus upon kindness so that the Universe can respond with like energy. We must focus upon being care-free and fearless so that the Universe can respond with those energies. If we focus upon eradicating terrorists through violence, hatred, and genocide, then the Universe must respond by providing us more violence, hatred, and genocide. That is not the world I wish to create. We have been creating it for centuries. Is now the time to create a 180?

Just a little food for thought.

Fay Thompson