Right or Happy?

Recently a friend of mine asked me for advice about what he should do regarding a situation with a moving company. He moved across country and when his furniture arrived it was very damaged. The furniture was very high-end and the company wanted to replace it with a much cheaper alternative.

I wondered what to say to my friend as so many variables can come into play, but in the end creation always comes down to the energy we are being. Whatever we put out comes back to us in an exact match.

My friend was angry and annoyed. His thoughts were understandably on the injustice of his situation. He was thinking that the company was out to screw him over. These thoughts have creative power.

This is the problem with being right. It never leads to creating happiness. My friend had every right to be annoyed and angry. He was probably right about the company wanting to screw him over. But since our thoughts and our energy create our lives, being right was not creating happiness for him. It was only creating injustice.

Becoming aware of this, I advised my friend to curb this negative talk about the company and begin affirming that they were going to pay up and that this would all work out in his favour in the end. If he takes his thoughts and his energies away from his “right fight” and to these new thoughts of “I’m coming out better at the other end of this.” then he begins to create this working out for his betterment.

The principles in this story can be applied into every area of our lives. If we truly wish to create happiness, we must curb our desire to be right about criticisms – not to make us wrong – but to focus on something else entirely.

So I challenge you if you are up to it. What have you been complaining about that you could let go of being right about, and instead place your focus on creating things coming out better for you in the end? Notice that to truly do this, you must release your desire to seek justice or point out wrong doing. Also, notice that when you do, changes begin coming into being faster than you thought was possible.


Fay Thompson