We Could All Use a Little Help

Every other article I have ever written was always finished by the deadline. Today is December 1st and it is the day I am supposed to send my Joy Letter out to my mailing list. This is also about the fourth draft I have gone through. I am struggling to get down on paper what I want to write about and how I want to say it.

As I deleted my third attempt, I was reminded of the topic of this article which is about asking for help. I laughed and silently said a prayer to my angels asking them to help me write this article. I have begun writing once more and the words are now flowing effortlessly. Funny how that works.

This is an important message that has been in my face recently. I need to stop trying to do everything on my own, by myself. I need to let go of my foolish pride and admit I sometimes really need help. I have such a strong desire to be really great at what I do, I sometimes forget that part of the greatness comes when you allow yourself to be helped.Since the angels are helping me to write this article, they have a message for you:

“It is in the asking for help that allows you to shine. It is in the knowing you can not do life alone, that you are in need of each other, that the grace is received on both sides. For it is not only a gift and a blessing to receive another’s help. It is also a gift and a blessing to be the one who gives it to someone who needs it.”

This past month I met a wonderful person named John Martin. John is an international healer and medical intuitive from France. I met him at the Edmonton Body, Soul, and Spirit Expo for the first time although he had attended the Saskatoon Expo which I also attended. After the Edmonton Expo, John travelled back to Saskatoon to do some training with me and private healing for others.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that John needed help. He had arrived in Saskatoon for the Expo at the last week of September and was scheduled to go back to France on October 6th. Spirit had other plans for him and he ended up traveling to Vancouver, Victoria, and Edmonton. It was now the end of November and he was back in Saskatoon. He stayed in hotels the entire time. Although he had made good money doing his healings, the money was being eaten up by accommodation costs, cab fares, train fares, food, and of course the cost of attending the trade shows. He wasn’t sure how he was going to get ahead so that he could buy a return ticket to France.

I told John that he didn’t need to be staying in hotels and that there were many people who would love to have him come stay with them in their home. This is not the custom in Europe and he said he didn’t want to impose on anyone. I took this as a sign he wanted his privacy and left it alone. At this point, I wasn’t aware of his money issues. A few days later, when he realized he had no other option, he asked me to help him. I invited him into my home. He was humbled and grateful. He told me that it was very hard for him to ask for this help and admit he couldn’t manage all by himself. When he did, not only did my help become a huge gift to him, but it was a huge gift to me and my family.

While staying here, John performed many healings on my children for free – awakening them to their gifts and healing hurts. My youngest daughter had been complaining of a sore ankle for months. He healed it. My oldest daughter has always had trouble with her teeth. Despite how much she takes care of her teeth, they grow in rotten. He healed that. All this for allowing him to sleep in a room that is otherwise empty. What a blessing.

As I was taking my training with John, I was becoming very frustrated, feeling like I wasn’t comprehending the methods. I was struggling and I just wanted to be good at it. He asked me what I wanted to do next. I was angry at this question because I thought to myself, “You’re the master here. You tell me.” He told me I had to decide what I wanted. It was so difficult for me to admit and say out loud, but I replied, “I need help. I am not understanding this. I feel like I am failing.” That was my surrender point. As soon as I got there, he said, “OK.” From that moment on, everything began to make sense. Everything fell into place. His surrender point was being dangerously close to being homeless in a foreign country. As soon as he admitted he needed help and asked for it, everything fell into place.

This is the lesson. As humans, we struggle and we struggle until it comes to a breaking point. When we reach that breaking point and surrender, we find the light and the solutions. We don’t need to struggle to get to the breaking point. If we just surrender to the fact that we need each other and ask each other for help before we are in crisis, we then create a beautiful world of giving and receiving. We are still human no matter how gifted we are in a particular field whether it be healing or accounting or whatever your field is. I perceived John as such a master he did not require my help. That was not the case. He’s a master healer but he is human too. I perceived myself as failing if I admitted I needed help. It is only when I admitted I was human and asked for help that I began to succeed. It took me awhile, but I began to realize it is not a weakness in asking for help. It is a strength.

This is what I have learned this past month. I hope in some way it helps you to feel the gift of someone else’s help or gives you the opportunity to recognize the value of the help you give to others.

December is a busy month for us all. Don’t struggle through it alone. Ask for help. Lean on each other and watch the blessings come rushing forth. Happy Holidays everyone!

Fay Thompson