“Fay’s Empowering Entrepreneurs Program is simply amazing.  I had met Fay once before and knew that she is wonderful, but this course is simply blowing me away. Fay has a magical way of helping me shift my perspective.” – A. Perrot, CEO of Grounded Goodness

Thank you for an interesting session. Beginning at “don’t know what to choose to change” and shifting to “vulnerability” and family stuff. I was able to get past things that I thought I would never get past. Fay Thompson – the wall breaker. Thank you. – J. Friis, Denmark

Fay is a spark of joy that creates an inferno of happiness and creation around her. Her potency appears sweet but she’ll kick your butt and flip your world on its end!!! – A.O. – Entrepreneur

Taking this course was transformational for me. Fay is a master teacher who is tuned into a higher energy and helps those around her do the same. This course was inspiring, enlightening, and I experienced amazing personal growth and connection with my authentic self.  I am forever grateful to Fay for helping me connect and make sense of much that has happened in my life. I have let go of fear and judgment and am moving towards love & light and my Divine purpose.” – C. Gradin, Saskatoon, SK

“I have come so far since taking workshops from you and have left so much that I didn’t need behind!! I feel like a new me. Things in my life are shifting into beautiful alignment and my business is flourishing!” – A.V., Business Owner

I saw you (Fay Thompson) at the Body, Soul, Spirit Expo where you worked with me regarding my illness – stage four bone, brain, and breast cancer. I was in a wheelchair because it was really difficult to walk. After my session with you, things changed. In less than 3 weeks my brain tumour is shrinking, my energy levels are through the roof, and I am able to walk. Thank you for reminding me to plan my future and not my funeral. I have decided I am going to live my life and no longer let life live me. – Glenda, Saskatoon, SK.

Fay Thompson is a gifted facilitator and healer. She has helped me reveal the being I sensed was within me and that I have always longed to be.

Our sessions go so deep, are so much fun and each time I leave them with a greater sense of myself and the gifts I have to share with the world.

Fay has helped me discover and easily release the lifelong patterns that have stopped me from thriving in my life, my business and in creating and being the change I wish to see in the world. Thank you so much Fay! – Cassie Hepburn Sooke, B.C.

“Fay, I can’t thank you enough for showing me a new way of life.  It has changed me in all directions and my friends and family have noticed a huge difference. My clients are excited to try new things and have noticed amazing results with the simple techniques you have taught me. Thank you again for being such a supportive teacher through all the change.” – C. Moffet, Owner of Wholelife Wellness and Medical Intuitive

Every time I have worked with Fay, not only does she hold amazing space for me to share without ever feeling judged, but she has such incredible insight and awareness that often helps me to see things from a different perspective. I find our sessions to be super encouraging and fun. I have also done a couple workshops with her now and wouldn’t hesitate for a minute, to do them again or join in on any of her other long list of offerings. –  Jacquie C Regina, SK

I met Fay 3 years ago and have attended many of her workshops and have had many private sessions with her. Fay is amazing. Her non-judgemental and intuitive abilities have allowed me to release many blocks in my life and find joy. I always feel inspired after every encounter with her and how she creates a safe place to let go and talk. I highly recommend everybody to have a session with her or attend any of her workshops. I look forward to creating more of my life with her help and guidance. I am so grateful for you Fay and thank you for what you do. – S. Olson, Edmonton, AB

Beautiful Fay, I just finished reading the beautiful love filled Azez Medicine. Your honesty and passion was evident through the whole book and I am so grateful to you for writing it.

Thank you for your truth. Thank you for your love. Thank you for shining that always brilliant light. – Aimee Sharkey

AZEZ Medicine is an amazing book written with such taste, candor and class on a subject that few know about. This is an epic book and a must read. – Leah Sinclaire, Numerologist

I have read your book Azez Medicine and I can’t thank you enough. It takes the reader to a unimaginable self exploration journey. I enjoy reading such art so much and my soul craves for more and more. In fact I am forced at an internal level to go deep into my own subconscious to explore my true identity, my subconscious, the Reality of all that is. Thank you again. – Neha Saini, India

I love your book Azez Medicine. Rarely does a book touch my soul so deeply. So thank you very much for this precious treasure!! – Anonymous

One of my favourite exercises is the stem cell healing technique. I also use it when giving a Reiki treatment. Just today a client, whose Achilles heel was operated on, told me that after the last Reiki treatment he started jogging again. It was the first time after several months. He was so happy, that it went fine and that he didn’t feel pain anymore!

A heartfelt thank you for the wisdom and for pointing out that everything is supposed to be easy. –  Sabine Potetz, Austria

Dear Fay, angelic blessings to you! I wish your book that I’m reading Azez Medicine never finished!

So much has happened since I’ve picked up your book, my life is changing and the exercises I’ve done in the book have been amazing!

I’ve recorded some applying the wisdom exercises with music in the background to help me meditate which is amazing !

What an amazing feeling as this has moved me yet to another level! – Kishan Takayashi, Wales

I just want to thank you, for writing a fantastic book. I ordered your book about 2 months ago. Its the best “spiritual” book I ever read. I now use lots of the techniques and teaching in your book. Thanks, it has been helping me a lot. – Stian Neple, Norway

Read your book on my holiday. Loved it!! Lots of great information that I will utilize in my own life. The toilet advice made me laugh out loud, I soooo needed that lol. And I congratulate you for …being a brave voice….makes the rest of us feel we are not alone on this journey.” – ML – Hypnotherapist