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What’s Your Safety Net?

What's Your Safety Net? A while ago I was driving to a neighbouring city a little over 2 hours away. I was only staying the day and planning to return late that evening. I got [...]

The Power of Your Ask

The Power of Your Ask A couple of weeks ago, I was in a store picking up a few things when someone came in and said, "Does anyone own the Mercedes in the parking lot?" [...]

5 Keys to Creating Greater Possibilities

5 Keys to Creating to Greater Possibilities I have to confess. I come to conclusion a lot. And, only after 50 years on this earth have I realized that my conclusions are not creating anything [...]

Friend Therapy

Friend Therapy I'm not going to lie. June has been a very stressful month for me and my family. Our treasured family pet of 20 years passed away and my brother is in the hospital [...]

One Step

One Step For months my husband has been telling me, "We can go to Italy for our 20th anniversary. I'm just not planning it. So, if you want to go, you have to put it [...]

Playing With a Full Deck

Playing With a Full Deck For some time now, I have been speaking to audiences about the importance of recognizing that infinity includes everything, not just the things we prefer or decide are nice or [...]

Going Through the Motions

Going Through the Motions Before I had children, I loved to golf. After I had children, it fell to the wayside...for 13 years. This year, I was asking the Universe for an activity that would [...]

Patience, Trust, and Timing

Patience, Trust, and Timing The weather has warmed and spring is definitely here. The greenhouses have been buzzing with excited gardeners in a rush to plant their gardens and fill their flower beds. I could [...]


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