The Joy of Self-Acceptance Radio Broadcast

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This show was recorded on April 23, 2013 on Voice America with Radio Host, Bonnie Wirth.

Episode Description
We have been bombarded with everyone else’s truths; from our parents to teachers to society in general. There may even be times when we losetrack of what our own truth represents and even what it really is. This becomes apparent when we accomplish what we think we want in our life only to find ourselves unfulfilled or unhappy; especially when our truth is not considered mainstream. When we truly accept ourselves and others for their brand of uniqueness, even if it is the opposite our own beliefs and truth, we no longer put effort out to change others. This is turn eradicates the energy of others wanting to put out effort to change us. Join Bonnie Wirth and her guest Fay Thompson as they share in conversation and tap into the Joy of Self-Acceptance.

Fay Thompson