I am always thrilled to be invited to speak at venues big and small, spiritual retreats, continuing education seminars and conferences.

If you have an event where you would like a little bit of magic to spread your message I would love to collaborate with you in bringing more joy to the world.


5 Keys to Living Joyfully

(30 -45 minutes )

In this lecture, I will address 5 key traits that joyful people embody and discuss how you can easily adopt these into your life. I will also address the points of view that create the opposite of a joyful life and how to release yourself from the addiction of struggle and hardship.

The Secrets to Morale

(30 -45 minutes )

Workplace morale is key to a successful, productive team. Workplaces with high morale have less sick time, stress leave, and higher quality outputs. Never underestimate the power of a happy employee. In this lecture, I identify key strategies for improving morale and keeping it high. I also will point out the most common mistakes managers make that dampen their team’s joy and contribution.

The Difference of You

– (can be tailored from 30 minutes to an hour)

Have you always felt you were a bit different? Have you had trouble fitting in and feel like you belong? Are you always trying to do the right thing and feel like somehow you’re going to get it wrong?

It’s time for us to realize what makes us different is what will make a difference in the world.  In this lecture, I will discuss two types of people on the planet and how you do fit in by not fitting in. You will also learn tools to navigate this life much easier while being the difference that you are.

Playing With the Magic of Creation

(45 minutes)

Drawing on personal experiences and humorous insights, I will talk about the magic of effortless creation and how what we think is just good timing or luck is really us being in the creative flow. What magic are you capable of creating that you haven’t acknowledged? What magic do you create everyday that you think has nothing to do with you, but is just the way it is? Discover how to put the magic of creation to work for you to create an easier, happier life in this uplifting, inspiring lecture.

Keeping the Faith

(1 hour)

Many of us have been raised in religions that have taught us we’re sinners, wrong, and need redemption. Most religions are very structured and designed to keep its followers feeling afraid of God instead of at one with God.  In this lecture, I point out some common religious beliefs and practices that keep us from embracing the God-force within us and from being the infinite divine being we truly are.  I also will address how you can keep the faith without feeling like you are being sacrilegious or blasphemous, and to see God in truth – one that does not judge nor punish, but only celebrates your existence with total unconditional love.


From Victim to Victor: How to Escape from Being a Victim


What is something every victim should know?
How does control play into victimization?
What are some common behaviors that keep people as victims?
How does identifying yourself as a victim limit you?
If we see people as victims are we helping them or dis-empowering them?
If we are the creators of our lives, why would we create ourselves as a victim?
What about the bullies or perpetrators? Don’t they need to change?
How does karma play into victimization?
What has to change in order for a victim to get out of their circumstances?
When a victim chooses to change their circumstances, what else can they do to help themselves?

Keys to Joyful, Conscious Living


What is conscious living?
What can I be aware of when things seem to be going downhill or when my head is full of thoughts that distract me from being present?
What  is something I can ask or do when I’m fixated on negative thoughts or behaviours?
How do our decisions play into the life we have and can we actually be joyful about the things in our life that aren’t bringing us joy?
What about curiosity? Is a zest for knowledge a key to joyful living?
How does judgment take away from a joyful life?
What do I do when I have made a choice that isn’t working?
What if I made a mistake?
What are your thoughts about the use of drugs for pleasure or used as an escape?
What are some common paradigms that people live from that cause us to not be joyful?
How to we break free of those paradigms?
How can I spot when I’m being lied to?
What do I do when I am being lied to?
How do I stay happy when I’m surrounded by negative people?
If you could name 5 things that people who live joyfully do on a day-to-day basis, what would you say?