• Azez Medicine: Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit with the Help of The Beings of the Light When Fay Thompson tapped into the star wisdom of Azez, little did she know her life would be transformed with healing messages of love and divine guidance as given to her by a group called The Beings of the Light. Azez Medicine describes Fay's very personal journey from emotional pain and self-criticism to one of emotional well-being and self-acceptance. Both a story of a spiritual journey and a reference book, Azez Medicine contains practical and powerful information regarding how to heal yourself easily using the guidance of The Beings of the Light. Fay shares what The Beings of the Light taught her about healing the mind, body, spirit, and more - and you'll see that these loving beings are eager to help you too. In fact, this book will show you how to work with The Beings of the Light and the wisdom of Azez to empower and heal your entire life!
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  • For years, Fay Thompson has been writing inspirations daily on Facebook. She has compiled 222 of her favourite selections, each aimed to inspire and empower readers to reach higher, dream bigger, and make each day greater. The insightful inspirations contained in this volume will lighten your load and make your day and life brighter. Each page contains a new and unique look at matters we face day to day and space for you to journal your own notes. No matter what may be troubling you, these inspirations will widen your perspective and make you see things in a new light.
  • This book explores the concept of judgment and how it pertains to the creation of our lives. It also looks at the 4 Truths of Creation that will:
    • Teach your the true Language of Creation that never fails to answer when you ask
    • Give you access to the world of infinite possibilities
    • Guide you through life fully connected to your creative God-force knowing it always has your back
    • Move you out of judgment of you and into the life you always knew you could have
    Unlock the 4 Truths of Creation and start creating your life without guilt, judgment, or apology today!
  • This is an excerpt taken from a class discussing the chapter called "The Master Healer's Attunement" from my book, Azez Medicine. During this 30 minute recording, there is a short discussion regarding the material followed by a meditation in which you will be attuned to the Master Healer's Energy. The Master Healer is Jesus Christ or the Christ Consciousness. This meditation will attune you to the energies of the Christ Consciousness and bump up your healing capacities. It is designed for you to no longer view illness as real and to see and acknowledge only the truth - that there is wellness. The Master Healer's Attunement is not the same as Reiki. It is a higher level attunement designed for you to recognize and access your abilities as a Master Healer. It is to open you to the realization that anything can be changed and that the body has the capacity to heal itself - no matter what ailment it is currently experiencing.