Conversation of Angels

So there’s a couple of angels, Gabe and Mike, sitting on a cloud, chatting about their recent lifetime they spent as a human on Earth.

“Remember that time we thought we weren’t going to have enough money to pay the bills and buy the Christmas gifts?” says Gabe.

“Yeah, that was hilarious. If we only knew we had the key to abundance by just focusing on gratitude and joy instead of keeping our sorry butts in fear and focused on problems. I mean, we’re infinite and we were worried about a few dollars — and boy we did that worry up right, huh? Really got into it, didn’t we?” says Mike.

“Sure did. Now our buddies down on Earth are doing the same thing. Hey, what can we do to help them out? What can we do to make it easier on them?” says Gabe.

“We’ve been trying to bust through for awhile now. Right when we think we’re getting through, they feel the heart opening as pain, get scared, and close down again. They don’t realize the pain is not really pain but an intense feeling of a heart opening. Let’s send a message that the pain isn’t a bad sign. It’s ok to breathe and allow it to expand, and when the heart opens it will go away and be replaced with space to breathe and laugh!” says Mike.

“Great idea, Mike. How about we throw in the message that ¬†they only have a problem because they are focused on fixing a problem. If they focus on how blessed and awesome and they are, then they will create more space for blessings and for them to express their awesomeness!

How did humans manage to believe fixing a problem creates something better when it only puts more focus on a problem?” says Gabe.

“That came in the same time humans believed punishment and criticism will make you a better person by righting your wrongs. Wow. Do they ever have it backward. We know, because we bought into it too while we were on Earth. Let’s send out energy for all humans to realize only by recognizing awesomeness in each other and in themselves, will they create more awesome!” says Mike.

“Yeah! And, let’s add in an energy that they remember the truth of who they are. That whatever made them forget their connection to an infinite Universe or believe they are powerless, be removed. Let’s focus on them awakening to the truth and coming completely out of their finite slumber without hitting the snooze button 6 or 7 trillion times.” says Mike.

“Ha Ha. Oh, I remember you were the master of the snooze button!” says Gabe.

“Yep. I sure was. Don’t want to do that again. OK – 3 blessings for our human friends: 1. Relax and Breathe through the pain, and let the heart open. 2. Focus on awesomeness, not on fixing problems, and 3. Wake up to the truth of your infinite self. No snooze. Are you ready? ” says Mike.

“Let’s do it!” exclaimed Gabe.

And so it was done. And now the angels watch patiently hoping their messages of love, wisdom, and kindness are heard and received.


Fay Thompson