Patience, Trust, and Timing

The weather has warmed and spring is definitely here. The greenhouses have been buzzing with excited gardeners in a rush to plant their gardens and fill their flower beds. I could feel the pull to go the same.

I went to the greenhouse and bought my bedding plants and seeds much earlier than I knew I needed them. I usually don’t do that. I usually go just before I am ready to plant. This year, I was compelled to go early.

Interestingly enough, one of things I always love planting is celery. When I went to the greenhouse, they only had one container of celery left. If I had waited any longer, I wouldn’t have had any to plant. Good timing.

My bedding plants and vegetables sat in the house for almost two weeks while my husband kept asking when I was going to plant them. I didn’t have an answer. I just knew I wasn’t ready yet.

Then, all of sudden I knew it was time and got everything done in one weekend. It happened seamlessly and easily. The weather was perfect. If I had tried to do it sooner, I would have been caught in the wind, cold, or rain. Good timing.

What I began realizing, through the decisions I was making around planting my garden, is that the Universe knows when the best time for me to do something is and so do I. I really listened this year and I feel fairly happy with how everything went. It was easy and enjoyable. Which made me start thinking, “What if the Universe is always telling me when to wait and when to go? What if the Universe really does have my back?”

How often are we impatient and rush something just to get it done and it ends up taking longer or creating problems? How often do we berate ourselves for being lazy and procrastinating, when really we are waiting for the best time to begin?

It is time for us to begin trusting ourselves and the Universe to guide us. We know when it is time to do something. We also know when to wait.  Patience is a virtue that yields better results and an easier more enjoyable journey.

Next time you think you need to do something, ask if it is time. Next time you feel rushed or are judging yourself harshly for not doing what needs to be done, ask if it would be better to wait. Trust that maybe you know more than you think you do. And, when logically you have lots of time and are in no rush, yet feel compelled to go do something now, go! Otherwise, you might end up without your celery.

I am coming to realize if I want an easy life, I have to work with what I know and am being shown by the Universe, and not against it. Often, it doesn’t make sense, but I keep reminding myself that miracles and magic have no logic to them. That’s why they are miraculous and magical.

So this girl is out to make life a little easier for herself. Sometimes that means waiting. Sometimes that means going against what everyone else is doing. And sometimes it means doing things you don’t normally do.


Fay Thompson