Playing With a Full Deck

For some time now, I have been speaking to audiences about the importance of recognizing that infinity includes everything, not just the things we prefer or decide are nice or right.

As an infinite being, we need to be willing to be all of us – everything – without judgment of those things, because the moment we decide to refuse some part of us we decide is undesirable or despicable, we make ourselves finite, limited, and incomplete.

Imagine infinity as a deck of cards. Every card possible is included in this deck. It is complete. Then, say, we judge one of the cards as wrong, and remove it from our deck. What happens? We are no longer playing with a full deck and we have weakened ourselves to those who do have that card still in their deck.

Let’s use the example of being mean. You decide it is wrong to be mean and that you will never be mean because that is not who you are. You deny your mean card and remove it from your deck. What happens is that those with a mean card who are willing to be mean look for you. They know they can poke and prod you as much as they like because you won’t play that mean card no matter what. You become victim to the very thing you wish to abolish. It is only when you put that mean card in your deck, will they step back and realize you are not a target they can hit any longer. Willing to be mean is what protects you. It doesn’t mean you have to be mean. It just means you have to be willing to allow that as part of who you are without judgment of it being there.

How many cards have you eliminated from your deck because you thought it made you a better person, but really has only made you weaker and victim to certain things? It is time for us to stop trying to exclude what we judge as bad and wrong and instead own it, without apology and without judgment. You will not turn into a monster. Instead, you will become stronger and be more of you, which is magnificent, complete, and amazing.

So whatever it is for you, that you are desperately trying to prove you are not, or that you wish would be eradicated from the world, put that card back into your deck and add it to your infinite arsenal of gifts, resources, and power. You will be more of you because of it, not less of a person. In order to put that card in your deck means you will allow for all sides and aspects of you, and you will honour you in ways that you never have before.

It is time for us to step up into being the infinite wonders that we are and stop pretending we are flawed, incomplete, or broken needing to be fixed. It is time for us to have the whole deck – every trump card, every suit, every play at our disposal – and then nothing will never blindside us ever again.


Fay Thompson