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What’s Your Story

What's Your Story Our life is a series of stories we have been telling since birth. As a child, we told stories of how life was, and when we weren’t sure what life was about, [...]

Divine Timing

Divine Timing I have been paying attention to Divine Timing this past month. The more I pay attention, the more I realize that we really are always in the exact right place at the right [...]


Epiphany While I sat contemplating what I wanted out of life, I came across a new concept – one which I will call an epiphany. As I sat wondering what goals I should focus upon, [...]

The Gift of Nature

The Gift of Nature This summer I have taken time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery. It has now been two years on our acreage and I continue to be delighted and surprised [...]

Saving Time Versus Save Money

Saving Time Versus Save Money Last week I was doing my weekly grocery shopping. I was rushing around the produce aisles when I noticed a man with his young daughter (4?) and she was pushing [...]

Clear the Energy

Clear the Energy Something that I do on a daily basis is clear my energy. This is not common practice for most people and I realize many of you may have no idea what I’m [...]

Every Day Miracles

Anyone who knows me well knows my whole life is about living spiritually. Part of that is being aware of the blessings and miracles that occur everyday. With the drama of life going on around [...]

Connection is a Two Way Street

Connection is a Two Way Street Anyone who is spiritual generally understands that we are all connected to a higher energy or Source that is divine and pure. As long as we stay connected to [...]

Choosing Joy

“Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.” This is so true. While many of us believe we are trapped in our circumstances, the truth is we created those circumstances out of the [...]

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