About FayThompson

Hello, I am Fay Thompson, Spiritual Life Coach, Author and Speaker. I specialize in one-on-one in personal or virtual coaching for domestic and international clients with a focus on spiritual entrepreneurs. I help heart centered business owners define their goals and master the art of thriving in a hard niche market. In addition to my coaching packages I offer a variety of empowerment workshops and lectures designed to help others become the magic they seek. Let's Create Some Magic! 1.306.229.4393 |faythompson@gmail.com

When You Wish Upon a Star

When You Wish Upon A Star In January, our family took a winter vacation to Disney World. We had decided to go for the benefit of the kids, but it turns out that my inner child needed the vacation just as much as our children. And what better place to nurture the inner child than [...]

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers As many of you know, I spent 17 days in Israel and Jordan in May. This trip allowed me to take time to contemplate and evaluate many things in my life and about life in general. What became apparent to me were the walls and restrictions we put up to our own behavior [...]

Have Your Ice cream and Eat it Too!

Have Your Ice cream and Eat it Too! There I was, walking through the freezer section of Costco when all of a sudden I spotted a box of 12 haagen daaz ice cream bars. Everything in my being and body went, “OOOOooooh!” with excitement. I opened the freezer door, grabbed the box, and proceeded to [...]

Is it Time for Change?

Is it Time for Change? Do any of you remember the Seinfeld episode where George decides to do the exact opposite of what he normally does and his life does a complete 180 for the better? Perhaps it is time for us as society to stop repeating history by choosing something so radically different so [...]

We Could All Use a Little Help

We Could All Use a Little Help Every other article I have ever written was always finished by the deadline. Today is December 1st and it is the day I am supposed to send my Joy Letter out to my mailing list. This is also about the fourth draft I have gone through. I am [...]

Healing Power of Kindness

Healing Power of Kindness This past weekend I had a booth at the Saskatoon Body, Soul, and Spirit Expo. I was doing angel card readings for people and realized after Day 1 of the Expo, there was a theme emerging in the readings. That theme was: Be kind to yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Talk [...]

Sluts and Whores No More

Sluts and Whores No More I am going to talk about the dreaded subject that makes people feel awkward and uncomfortable when it is mentioned in mixed company – sex. I’ve been thinking a lot about this subject lately, especially in relation to how society views the value of men and women in regards to [...]

Self-Imposed Joy

Self-Imposed Joy Ever been so busy worrying about if your life is happening the way you’d like it that you forget to live your life they way you’d like to? I’ve done this countless times. It truly is a lesson in futility, because the more you worry that things may not be happening the way [...]

The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving Last month I had the pleasure of going to see Oprah Winfrey speak live. With the release of my new book I wondered if it would be possible to give her a copy. I had no idea how to do this. I was sitting in the upper level of the stadium [...]

Life is in the Questions

Life is in the Questions I think perhaps the worst piece of advice is to not question anything, but instead go along blindly with the pack. Indeed, it is in the questioning of anything, that we find new answers or answers period. Sometimes your answer may be different than the one another has chosen, and [...]