About Fay Thompson

Hello, I am Fay Thompson - Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Author, and Speaker. I specialize in one-on-one in-person or virtual coaching with a focus on creating beyond the impossible. I help people recognize how they are creating their lives and what simple shifts they can make to create instant change. My wish is for every person to own what is uniquely them by coming out of judgment of who they are. Be You! 1.306.229.4393 |fay@faythompson.com

Right or Happy?

Right or Happy? Recently a friend of mine asked me for advice about what he should do regarding a situation with a moving company. He moved across country and when his furniture arrived it was very damaged. The furniture was very high-end and the company wanted to replace it with a much cheaper alternative. I [...]

Being Inclusive

Being Inclusive   I have always been someone who has been guarded, and, out of habit, pushes things away when I am vulnerable or unsure of things. This year my guidance has brought my awareness to how the Universe is completely inclusive of everything and does not exclude or block out anything. This made me [...]

Commanding the Elements of Creation

Commanding the Elements of Creation Radio Broadcast This show was recorded on April 16, 2016 on A2ZEN FM Radio with Host, Heather Nichols. To listen, click here! Episode Description What if creating your life as you wish is far easier than you ever thought possible? What if it doesn’t require you to consider the opinions or actions of [...]

The Joy of Self Acceptance

The Joy of Self-Acceptance Radio Broadcast To listen, click here! This show was recorded on April 23, 2013 on Voice America with Radio Host, Bonnie Wirth. Episode Description We have been bombarded with everyone else’s truths; from our parents to teachers to society in general. There may even be times when we losetrack of what [...]

Changing a Nightmare into a Dream

Changing A Nightmare into a Dream   In January, my family and I went on a lovely holiday to Huatulco, Mexico. It was the perfect time to be away as temperatures dipped below -40 degrees Celcius at home. The day we returned however was not so perfect. Picture this. You're tired from a long flight [...]

2017 – A Year to Be Bold

2017 - A Year to Be Bold Not long ago, I posted on this on Facebook: "Sitting back acknowledging the wealth and happiness in my life - kind, generous husband, happy, healthy children, beautiful home in the country, a dog that is the personification of joy and a cat who is calming and caring (even [...]

Conversation of Angels

Conversation of Angels So there's a couple of angels, Gabe and Mike, sitting on a cloud, chatting about their recent lifetime they spent as a human on Earth. "Remember that time we thought we weren't going to have enough money to pay the bills and buy the Christmas gifts?" says Gabe. "Yeah, that was hilarious. [...]

Play your Trump Card

Play Your Trump Card I normally don't comment on politics, but since it seems to be on everyone's minds and since many people are using the results of the American election to create fear and drama in their lives, I'm going to.   I became aware about a month ago that Trump would be elected [...]

Are You A Slave To Love?

Are You A Slave To Love? What does love mean to you? How do you know if you have love with another? Is it how they treat you? By what they say? Is it by doing things you want them to do or buying you things that you need or desire? True unconditional love has [...]

Joy and Bliss

What if joy and bliss are choices? Would you choose them? Then why aren't you? You can throw all reasons why you can't choose joy and bliss out the window now, because there is not a prerequisite  for joy and bliss to be a choice. It's always there, waiting for  you to choose it. If [...]


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