About FayThompson

Hello, I am Fay Thompson, Spiritual Life Coach, Author and Speaker. I specialize in one-on-one in personal or virtual coaching for domestic and international clients with a focus on spiritual entrepreneurs. I help heart centered business owners define their goals and master the art of thriving in a hard niche market. In addition to my coaching packages I offer a variety of empowerment workshops and lectures designed to help others become the magic they seek. Let's Create Some Magic! 1.306.229.4393 |faythompson@gmail.com

2017 – A Year to Be Bold

2017 - A Year to Be Bold Not long ago, I posted on this on Facebook: "Sitting back acknowledging the wealth and happiness in my life - kind, generous husband, happy, healthy children, beautiful home in the country, a dog that is the personification of joy and a cat who is calming and caring (even [...]

Conversation of Angels

Conversation of Angels So there's a couple of angels, Gabe and Mike, sitting on a cloud, chatting about their recent lifetime they spent as a human on Earth. "Remember that time we thought we weren't going to have enough money to pay the bills and buy the Christmas gifts?" says Gabe. "Yeah, that was hilarious. [...]

Play your Trump Card

Play Your Trump Card I normally don't comment on politics, but since it seems to be on everyone's minds and since many people are using the results of the American election to create fear and drama in their lives, I'm going to.   I became aware about a month ago that Trump would be elected [...]

Are You A Slave To Love?

Are You A Slave To Love? What does love mean to you? How do you know if you have love with another? Is it how they treat you? By what they say? Is it by doing things you want them to do or buying you things that you need or desire? True unconditional love has [...]

Joy and Bliss

What if joy and bliss are choices? Would you choose them? Then why aren't you? You can throw all reasons why you can't choose joy and bliss out the window now, because there is not a prerequisite  for joy and bliss to be a choice. It's always there, waiting for  you to choose it. If [...]

Joyful Presence

Your presence in any moment makes the world a more joyful place. Please be here. Often we try to hide or escape. Sometimes we are somewhere else. Your presence in any situation means that you are there, which makes the situation better. Will you acknowledge that? You make any place better! So show up if [...]

When You Wish Upon a Star

When You Wish Upon A Star In January, our family took a winter vacation to Disney World. We had decided to go for the benefit of the kids, but it turns out that my inner child needed the vacation just as much as our children. And what better place to nurture the inner child than [...]

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers As many of you know, I spent 17 days in Israel and Jordan in May. This trip allowed me to take time to contemplate and evaluate many things in my life and about life in general. What became apparent to me were the walls and restrictions we put up to our own behavior [...]

Have Your Ice cream and Eat it Too!

Have Your Ice cream and Eat it Too! There I was, walking through the freezer section of Costco when all of a sudden I spotted a box of 12 haagen daaz ice cream bars. Everything in my being and body went, “OOOOooooh!” with excitement. I opened the freezer door, grabbed the box, and proceeded to [...]

Is it Time for Change?

Is it Time for Change? Do any of you remember the Seinfeld episode where George decides to do the exact opposite of what he normally does and his life does a complete 180 for the better? Perhaps it is time for us as society to stop repeating history by choosing something so radically different so [...]