About FayThompson

Hello, I am Fay Thompson, Spiritual Life Coach, Author and Speaker. I specialize in one-on-one in personal or virtual coaching for domestic and international clients with a focus on spiritual entrepreneurs. I help heart centered business owners define their goals and master the art of thriving in a hard niche market. In addition to my coaching packages I offer a variety of empowerment workshops and lectures designed to help others become the magic they seek. Let's Create Some Magic! 1.306.229.4393 |faythompson@gmail.com

Choosing Joy

“Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.” This is so true. While many of us believe we are trapped in our circumstances, the truth is we created those circumstances out of the choices we have made. It takes courage to admit we take a big role in creating our reality. It takes [...]

Go Ahead Make Your Day!

Go Ahead Make Your Day! In one of my recent meditations, my higher guidance took me to a place where all the things I wanted resided. It was a wonderful, magical place where all one’s wishes come true. As I viewed all the things that I wanted, I noticed that none of them were making [...]

Your Best Friend

Your Best Friend A few weeks ago my oldest daughter was having problems in her relationship with her best friend. They disagreed about something on the playground and ever since then, her friend would ignore my daughter and refuse to play with her. I could tell that my daughter was very hurt and angry. She [...]

Lessons from Nature

Lessons from Nature I would have never guessed, but my first spring living on an acreage has taught me a great deal about life. It never ceases to amaze me how nature is the perfect mentor that teaches by example. My first lesson came when we became aware that the black knotty things on some [...]

Defining Your Path

Defining Your Path One question I often ask my clients is to picture the path they are walking on. When I ask what it looks like, some common answers are, “It’s rocky.”, “It’s uphill.” or “It’s dark.” Then I ask them to imagine the path they would like to walk on. Inevitably they will answer [...]

Unconditional Love at Christmas

Unconditional Love at Christmas Christmas is upon us – the season of giving and unconditional love. This made me ask the question, “Why do we have a season for this? Does this mean Spring, Summer, and Autumn are the seasons for taking and conditional love?” I realized that my answer may not be too far [...]

The Power of Focus

The Power of Focus Focus, or more specifically, what we focus upon, is the most important component of creating what we want. The problem is most people do not focus upon what their focus is, and then are surprised when something unwanted shows up. If they had only focused upon where they were focusing, they [...]

The Secret to Teamwork

The Secret to Team Work We’ve all heard the clichés about how working as a team is more powerful than working alone; that no man is an island; that T-E-A-M stands for Together Everyone Achieves Miracles. Perhaps, if you’re like me, you have had experiences where doing it yourself seems not only faster but gives [...]

What Rules You?

What Rules You? Do you consider yourself a rule-follower or a rule-breaker? Whatever the answer, one thing that you may not be aware of is that every person has their own set of rules they follow. These rules are important to know because they drive your every action. Yep, every one follows a set of [...]